Hypnosis Lunch and Learn Series

with Erika Flint, BCH, OB, MCPHI

A new experiential learning series for compassionate people who want to learn the skills of a professional hypnotist. 


Learn about how hypnosis works and experience it live!

Thursdays from 12:00-12:45pm Pacific via Zoom

Join your guide and instructor Erika Flint, Board Certified Hypnotist and Accredited Master Professional Hypnotherapy Instructor, for insights into the hypnotic techniques that are transforming lives right now!

Each class will cover how hypnosis works through the lens of a special topic or issue our clients struggle with.  You'll learn both conceptually, and experientially with hypnosis exercises built into each class!

Only 45 minutes - it's designed to be concentrated, convenient, and fun!  See below for details on our next class!

Next Class - Thursday, September 28
12:00-12:45pm Pacific via Zoom

Authentic Confidence with Hypnosis

More confidence is something we all would like!  It's not just about how others perceive us or performing at our peak.  Authentic confidence does not have to be performative or performance-driven. 

Even if confidence has felt performative in the past, hypnosis can help us can cultivate authentic confidence that is more about feeling good about your work and how you're able to show up in the world.  It's about us feeling fulfilled at a deeper level and aligned with our higher values, which gives us more internal freedom to "perform" or act with excellence.  Hypnosis can help us notice when we're out of alignment, empower us make adjustments with compassion, and feel more fulfillment when we're meeting our needs at a deeper level.

Join us Thursday to learn more, and experience hypnosis with us!

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New Experiential Hypnosis Learning Series!

Goals of the Hypnosis Lunch and Learn Series

  • To provide a deeper understanding of how hypnosis works through learning and experiencing hypnosis.
  • To help you determine if learning the skills of a professional hypnotist is right for you.
  • Whether you want to start a thriving hypnosis practice, incorporate powerful hypnosis techniques into your current practice, or help yourself and your loved ones with hypnosis, you'll learn how we can help!
  • This live, experiential learning series reveals how hypnosis effectively helps people do the hard things they think they ought to be able to do but can't, and live more freely and peacefully.
  • 45 minutes - short, concentrated, convenient, and fun!