Welcome to Living Hypnotically

Better living, with hypnosis

A new podcast focusing on the benefits of hypnosis from professional hypnotists. 

Do you qualify to be a guest expert?

I'm currently interviewing all CHT grads that are professionally seeing clients - in exchange for money, and have seen AT LEAST 1 paying client

If that's you, click below to schedule your time!

You'll have a 1-hour zoom interview with me. We'll record, produce the video, and we'll share it online, post as a blogpost to our Training Website and share everywhere! 

All previous guests are welcome to return!


Goals of Living Hypnotically

  • Educational & Sense of Belonging - "There's nothing wrong with you."
  • Useful, practical & real-life examples and tools demonstrating the power of hypnosis from Professional Hypnotherapists like you!! 

  • Growth - share your knowledge and skill to grow your practice and help more people.