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The goals of this new video podcast

1 - Educational & Sense of Belonging  "There's nothing wrong with you."

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Our clients often feel as though there is something wrong with them

This podcast is designed to share the truth about hypnosis & the truth about how the mind works.

It's common to feel stressed, and overwhelmed. Yet our clients can get trapped in that cycle for decades.

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Many modern brains are "training for anxiety" nearly every day!

It's also true that the mind is highly resilient, and with just a bit of focus, a bit of consistency, and some excellent hypnosis, our clients are breaking free. 

Let's share this information with the world. 

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2 - Useful, practical & real-life examples of hypnosis from Professional hypnotists

This program features real-life professional hypnotherapists and how they are helping their clients with hypnosis. 

We'll include the best tips and tricks that our hypnotists are using, and share inspirational client wins on unique and intriguing topics.

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Isn't the mind fascinating?

We'll explore all the ways human minds are brilliant and amazing. 

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3 - Grow Your Practice

A third goal of this program is to highlight the success of hypnotists everywhere to help grow your practice and help more people. 

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